KAPPA-XL Light 151m² + 24m² terrace

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The layouts of KAPPA houses are designed competently, very ergonomically and are incredibly comfortable in them. These houses are suitable for areas where the car is accessed from the side or back of the house, and the main facade faces the courtyard, and is oriented towards a beautiful panoramic view. It is recommended to orient the main facade to the east, southeast, south, southwest, west.

Our houses are designed in accordance with seismic standards and urban-technical conditions of Montenegro and Croatia.

Cost of home

House for interior decoration
472 €/m²

88 800 €

The house is assembled on the foundation prepared by the customer.
The house price includes:
– Factory house kit
– House assembly
– Fine finishing of facades
– Roof installation
– Ebb device
– Insulation of the ground floor floor
– Floor screed of the first floor
– Arrangement of interfloor floors for finishing

Interior decoration
193 €/m²

36 250 €

– Layout of communications
– Installation of ventilation
– Ladder device
– Arrangement of partitions
– Installation of interior doors
– Fine finishing of floors
– Fine finishing of walls and ceilings
– Installation of sockets, switches, plumbing

The total cost of the house "Key in hand" is
665 €/m²

125 050 €

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